About Simply Vile Gaming

Simply Vile Gaming is a gaming community that was created in April of 2016. Since then, we've been dedicated to pushing out servers amongst various different games. Before Discord was very popular, we used TeamSpeak. We've had servers for Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and now we bring you our DayZ server. When we push out a new server, it certainly remains its uptime. And if problems arise, our staff has stayed consistent in assisting members and responding to support tickets in a timely manner. We try our best to make sure you're comfortable in the community and having a blast. Be sure to tune into the Discord server, as that's where the community is. We're a pretty laid back group of people, so we hope to see you there!

Useful Information

Our Discord invite link:  https://discord.gg/cZ9ay9z