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Posted: 3 months ago / Jun 30, 2020



What is your in-game name?: 

6528 Striker

What is your steam name?: 


What is your steam ID? ( 


Discord ID?: 


What is your age?: 


What Bat. are you applying for?

501st Legion

Hours on GMOD? 

22 Hours (This account) 450 Hours (Old Account)

Do you have any other experience in a Commander Position?: (If yes, explain) 

Currently, No. This is the first Time i've ever wanted to be a Comander. I think i've learned a lot from Cody and a can help the GAR in the future when help is needed.

What can you bring to the table as a Commander of this Battalion?: 

I can do many things as a Battalion Commander, theirs a lot of ideas and strength to become one. You always need to know yourself, know your battalion and there specialties. Be stern with your Soldiers, never let them fall out of line. Make sure they're always attentive and following rules. Never being afraid, always take charge and action. Setting goals, beating those goals, the setting more goals. Training lots, and disiplining with PT. But always being there to support your troops and of course I can help win this war.

What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) 

I joined on 6/16/2020

Have you donated? 

No, but I do want to get VIP soon.


EST Canada

Why do you believe that we should recruit you? 

----(Type within these lines)

I think you should recruit me because of my quick desision making, my knowlegde of the republic, knowing how to train my troops. As Commander I'll always follow orders. Below I have also created an SOP for the 501st legion to show my knowledge and my expectations for each trooper. I feel I am very vocal with other troopers and I can help with any situation that comes my way.

(Here is the SOP link)


(Create a scenario that shows your skill in battle as well as your leadership on the battlefield. Or, call from a past experience that you believe would be a good indicator that you should have this position.)

----(Type within these lines)

About a week or 2 ago from posting this we had an attack from Mandolorians on the Venator. I almost single handadly took down all the Mandolorians in the MHB and HB1 and HB2. I did have help Capturing the head of there group and releasing him. At the time my Cmdr (Cody) reconized this and made me a CPL. (Before the mandolorian attack I was a PFC) Battles like these in the future i think I can really help a lot and I can make quick decisions and sharp shooting so we can always win the battle.


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