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Posted: 3 months ago / Jul 06, 2020



What is your in-game name?: 


What is your steam name?: 


What is your steam ID?: 


Discord ID?: 


What is your age?: 


What Bat. are you applying for?


Hours on GMOD? 

60 hours

Do you have any other experience in a Commander Position?: (If yes, explain) 

No, But I have learned a lot from the commanders I've served under. Commander Shade/Proto is one of the most notable examples he has shaped me into the trooper that I am on Starwars RP not only a quick thinker and a reliable person I am experienced with the amount of pressure on the commander's shoulders because I am a Medic and in the field where troopers lives are at stake there is nothing I will do more than to protect my troopers and make sure that the mission is complete with all of my troopers.

What can you bring to the table as a Commander of this Battalion?: 

I can bring to the Shock Battalion discipline and the respect and protection of those most important to the republic. I will make sure that my troopers are some of the most skilled, smart, and best troopers that the republic has to offer.

What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) 


Have you donated? 



Mountain Standard Time

Why do you believe that we should recruit you? 

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I am a loyal soldier and I will train the Shock troopers so the will always fight for the republic and never turn there back on it I will have a Different style of teaching then the former Shock commander. The troopers will know when and where to use the baton and the shocking abuse that was happing with the former commander will no longer be the case discipline is what I will be teaching and someone who cannot handle the power of the baton will be taught a lesson.


The was a mission on a sandy planet we had to retake a base back from the separatist. Me and one of my colleagues were both in special op Shadow. We had single-handedly flanked from behind and secured the farthest base now with the two of us in the base we pushed forward into the droid fight every last one any finally destroying them all and saving the 327th battalion from being wiped out. I had to heal all of them with my bacta so they wouldn't die. Because I and my colleague flanked we weakened the force and the rest of the troops were able to secure the rest of the bases. (True Story)

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