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Posted: 4 months ago / Jun 17, 2020
Edited: 3 months ago / Jun 26, 2020

Head Of Staff

Head Of Staff

Notes on staff applications:

  • Acceptance of the forum staff application does not necessarily mean acceptance into the staff team. There is an interview phase that can result in a denial.
  • After an application is taken into consideration, you will be required to contact the Head of Staff to schedule an interview.
  • If denied, you may reapply at any time, unless otherwise specified in the denial.
  • Denial of a staff application is not in any way a statement on your ability, personality, or otherwise. Several factors are considered, including some that are entirely out of the applicant’s control.
  • Readability of staff applications, specifically grammar and formatting, is taken into account. This is to gauge communication skills, effort, and maturity. Put effort in, but don’t feel the need to make it flashy.

Staff Application Format


List your character names (Include ranks):

What is your steam name?:

List your Discord username/tag and nickname on the SVG SWRP Discord server:

What is your steam ID? (obtain through tab menu in-game or

What is your age?:

Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, briefly list ranks and time spent)

How long have you been in the SVG community?

What is your total playtime on SVG SWRP (type !time in chat)

How many warns do you have on the server (type !warn in chat to view. We will check, so be sure)?

What staff branch are you applying for (Moderation or Gamemaster)?:

Are you staff on another GMOD community (BE HONEST)?:

Are you certified to train recruits? This is REQUIRED to join staff:

Are you familiar with our rules? You will be tested.


Give a general outline of times (i.e., days and time of day) that you are able to be active on the server:


Why do you believe that you would be a good fit for the staff team?



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