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Posted: 4 months ago / Jun 17, 2020
Edited: 3 months ago / Jun 29, 2020

Head Of Staff

Head Of Staff


This server uses AWarn for player punishments. Moderators can issue warnings, which, when accumulated, will cause automated penalties up to kicks and bans.

General Rules

  • The use of cheats, hacks, or glitch exploitation is strictly prohibited. We hold a zero-tolerance policy concerning cheaters. Any cheating will result in a permaban.
  • Do not RDM anyone under ANY circumstances.
  • Do not Metagame. Metagaming is the in-character use of any form of information from out-of-character sources, i.e., discord, OOC chat, etc.
  • Do not FailRP. FailRP refers to a wide variety of situations, such as pressing buttons without proper rank, saying OOC things in character, going to locations out of your clearance level. Repeated or blatant FailRP will result in warnings, at the discretion of moderation staff.
  • Racist, discriminatory or defamatory language used against players, staff, or any member of the community will not be tolerated and result in an instant permanent ban with no opportunity for appeal.
  • Do not randomly fire a weapon on the base; this is failRP outside of events, training, or any valid roleplay situation.
  • Trolling of any form is not acceptable and will be met with a warn.
  • Do not mic spam, or play any type of micspam through your mic.
  • Do not advertise other non-SVG related servers, including non-official Discords. You will be muted, gagged, and warned. If the advertisement continues, you will be subject to a ban.

Roleplay Rules

  • As this is a serious roleplay server, you must be in character at all times. There are proper places for OOC behavior (/OOC, /looc, and discord). Battalion Discord channels are to be kept in character whenever possible.
  • You must listen to the highest-ranking officer present, carrying out tasks as ordered, unless you have an RP reason to disobey orders. Not doing so is failRP.
  • /advert is only to be used by CPT+ for in-character matters. If you are below this rank, you must use /comms. /comms messages are formatted "/comms .
  • You can use /me to describe your actions in RP. If you are doing an action against another character or an action that requires a skill check (medRP, defusal, etc.), you must use the /roll command.
  • If Jedi are fighting an enemy, do not engage.
  • To leave the base during regular operation, troopers must be in a squad of at least three and get PTL (Permission to Leave) from a 2lt+ in their battalion (If they are all the same battalion) or BCMDR+.
  • Do not shoot another trooper, unless they have gone rogue.
  • Do not attempt to break someone out of the brig, nor out of cuffs without a valid RP reason.
  • This server observes NLR, a.k.a. The New Life Rule unless you were killed by RDM.
  • Promotions must be handled in-character and on the server.
  • Weapons may not be dropped to other players who do not spawn with that specific weapon.
  • You must salute anyone 2LT+ (Knight+ ) if you are beneath their rank. Any trooper must salute to BCMDR+.
  • Do not use the Kill command to commit suicide, as it is FailRP. If you are stuck or need some other kind of assistance, contact a staff member with @.
  • Should you provide a valid reason to a staff member, you may break some of these rules to enhance your own and other players' RP experience. However, there must be a staff member online and aware.
  • If your character was deemed executed, KIA, or MIA by a staff member running an event, you must create a new name with the same rank as your previous character.

Battalion & Character Rules

  • All battalions do not necessarily operate in the same fashion. This is subject to the Commander's discretion.
  • You may only change battalions once every 24 hours.
  • If an event is in the making, you will have to hold tryouts after the event is over.
  • Special equipment (jetpacks, ARF Speeders, ships, etc...) must be requested by either the Commander or XO of a battalion equipped to use them. Specific battalions are issued different equipment. During events, this is left to the gamemaster's discretion.
  • Battalions must request permission to deploy heavy weaponry.
  • Ships can only be spawned in the hangar bays.
  • Arrests may only be up to ten minutes upon entry to the brig.
  • You may only use the taser (DC-15S Stun) on another trooper if they are evading arrest. The Baton is only to be used when using the arrest menu. Misuse of these tools will result in a warn or other punishments.
  • Take arrested cadets to the training room; they need to be trained.
  • Special equipment may only be used in events or training.
  • RCMDRs may not assign or remove commanders, but they may make suggestions that hold weight to the MCMDR.
  • MCMDR may accept/deny applications for commander positions as well as remove current commanders not performing to standards.

Jedi Rules

  • Jedi of any rank may not use force powers they have not been taught in by their master during training or from Yoda.
  • Lightsabers may not be ignited without reason (combat, training, defense)
  • Lightsabers may only be crafted with the following colors: Blue, Cyan, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple.
  • Corrupted and Unstable crystals are available only to those who have donated. Dark-inner crystals are not permitted to any Jedi.
  • Force heal may not be used to heal above allocated health or in combat.
  • Sith hilts, colors, or sounds may not be used.
  • You must uphold the Jedi Code at all times. Failure to do so will result in a possible demotion.
  • Abusing force powers will result in demotion.
  • Failing to follow any of the Jedi rules can mean losing your Jedi whitelist.
  • Refer to the Jedi SOP for all other rules and processes.
  • The Grand Master and Master of The Order make the majority of administrative decisions for The Jedi Order (managing applications, filling rosters, updating SOP/rules).
  • The High Council votes on in-character Jedi affairs during their weekly meetings (training, trials, appointments, etc.) and suggests changes to rules/processes. 

Event Rules

  • Listen to the event-specific briefing instructions before the event starts.
  • Do not run off on your own; stick to whoever is leading your group.
  • Listen to the field commander's instructions.
  • Listen to any and all instructions by staff as events can spiral out of control when players do not listen.
  • Gamemasters may give any special equipment they believe is required for their event; however, this does not mean bug the GM for equipment. Ask only once. Further attempts to disrupt game masters will result in a warn.

Staff Rules (Moderation and Gamemaster)

  • Do not add yourself to roles you are not appointed to in the whitelist system. You will be punished severely.
  • You must cloak while noclipping - use the !admin and !unadmin commands.
  • You are to act maturely and not misbehave - you are a role model for other players.
  • You may not abuse ANY of the powers given to you. Abuse of staff power will result in removal from the staff team regardless of rank.
  • You are to enforce all previously stated rules at ALL TIMES.
  • All staff are expected to report to staff meetings every week (Friday 8 pm CST) If you are unable to make a staff meeting, inform the Head of Staff or a member of Senior Staff in a timely manner.

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