Official Rules Page - SVG DayZ

General Rules:

1. We have a 2 strike ban system and then you are permanently banned, unless you're caught cheating, hacking, or duping, then it’s a permanent ban.

2. Management does not need to follow the 2 strike system if the offence is valid enough for an instant ban.

3. NO hacking/glitching.

4. NO stream sniping. (Watching any players streaming on the server to gain an advantage or be annoying)

5. NO combat logging (Logging out during conflict to prevent death) you can log out 10 mins after the last shot was fired.

6. NO exploiting.

7. NO griefing.

8. NO spamming or abusive language in side chat.

9. NO toxic behaviour.

10. NO advertising other Discord's or game servers.

11. NO doxing other players.

12. NO mic spamming in trader.

13. English only in side-chat.

BBP Cement Mixer Rules:

1. No blocking access to cement mixers.

2. No blocking cement mixers with land claim flags.

Drug Trader/Black Market Rules: 

1. No building sniper towers to cover look them.

2. No blocking traders with cars/trucks.

3. You are allowed to CAMP, STEAL, ROB, and MURDER players at Black Markets, and the Drug Trader.

Trader Rules:

1: No blocking people in buildings at Trader areas.

2: No storing vehicles or loot in trader/safezones.

3: No stealing or scamming players.

4: No calling in airdrops within 1000m of any Safezone. (no exploiting Safezone godmode to loot drops)

5: No camping/killing within 800m of Klen Trader, Green Mountain, and Kumyrna.

6. No entering Safe Zone in the middle of a fight.

Building Rules:

1. No building within 800m of Safezone Traders.

2. No building within 1000m of Drug Trader.

3. No Building within 800m of Black Markets.

4. No Building within 300m of Car Traders.

5. NO building Within 800M of Big Military Zones. (NWAF, NEAF, Balota AF, Tisy, Troit Kamensk, Zelen Mili, Pavlovo Mili and VMC)

6. NO building Within 500M of Medium Military Zones. (Staroye, Topolka, Sosnovy, Stary Sober, Tri Kresta, Grozovy, Sverograd)

7. NO stacking gates/doors/walls in front of each other. Each door/gate needs to be at least 1 wall apart.

8. NO blocking gates/doors entrances with any objects; for example with tents.

9. NO sky bases/floating bases. (Maximum 3 walls in height from the top of any structure & maximum of 3 floor overhanging of original buildings/objects or 5 wall height from ground level)

10. NO building on roads. (Up and over road is acceptable)

11. NO drawbridges.

12. You are only permitted to have 18 planter boxes or 6 greenhouses. (Per group)

13. You can only have 1 base per group.

14. You must have a legit access point to your base. (a gate with a code lock)

15. Maximum of 30 storage items per base along with 2 gun racks kits.

16. Maximum of 80 floors.

Raiding Rules:

1. Glitching, item stacking, floating objects or similar things will be considered as cheating.

2. You can only place C4s on doors, gates, and hatches.

3. Boosting in through windows or gaps in walls is allowed.

4. Boosting limits: Player boosting is allowed with a maximum of 3 players involved. You are allowed to use 1 item, attached to the ground or a flat surface, to boost.

5. You are not allowed to build around a base.

6. Do not log off in enemy bases.

7. If you are stuck inside someones base you will have to stay online or kill yourself (F11) before logging off.

8. If you are bugged or crash inside someones base you must log back in immediately.

9. Do not take over bases.

10. Do build while being raided.

11. You may not build, attach new codelocks, or do other unfair plays that increase the base defenses while being raided for 30 minutes after the last charge was placed.

12. Can't raid the same base within 24 hours.

Group Rules:

1. All groups MUST have a designated leader, this makes it easier to contact a group if there are any issues involving that group.

2. Groups MUST have a group tag visible on Discord and in-game to signify affiliation with that group.

3. Groups can have a MAXIMUM of “10” members.

4. Groups can have a MAXIMUM of 3 ground vehicles and 1 aircraft

5. Groups are allowed to ally.

6. Groups can raid with allies but not beach the raid number of “10” rule. Same goes for defending a base.

7. Groups are responsible for their members actions and behaviour so keep this in mind depending on the rule break it could be a group punishment or strike.

Staff have the final say on any situation, and all rules are subject to change. We will try to resolve all situations without banning players.